The best part of working at Lincoln: The People.
The Lincoln Emergency Medicine staff is as close-knit and caring a family as you'll ever meet. And with origins from all over the globe, our faculty and residents bring a diverse array of experiences and skills to the department. Most importantly, the program looks out for its own, challenging, protecting, and guiding its trainees while they develop into the next generation of world-class emergency physicians.
Elaine Josephson
Program Director
Born and raised in New York

Attended Medical School at New York Medical College
Emergency Medicine

Residency training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

I have been a part of academic emergency medicine for over 25 years. My practice began in the regions of Pittsburgh, Detroit and Dayton before returning back to the New York area about 18 years ago.

I became a member of the Lincoln ED family in 2007. As the current Program Director for this longstanding Emergency Medicine Residency, the most rewarding aspect of my job is educating and working with an exceptional group of residents. It is incredibly satisfying to witness the graduates of our program move on to practice in both academic and community settings throughout the country.

My interests include medical education, wellness, Urologic emergencies, public relations, ED recidivism, public health and injury prevention.
Marc Kanter
Associate Chief/Associate Program DIrector
Medical School: NY Medical College
Internship: Internal Medicine @ Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich CT
Residency: Lincoln Medical Center

I am honored to work in one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the U.S. in the largest public health system in the country. As a member of the department’s administrative leadership team, I serve as the Associate Chief of the department with a focus on clinical operations, performance and quality improvement.

I was very lucky to join the faculty at Lincoln as a member of the residency leadership team following training and have been involved in resident & student education ever since. I have a passion for medical education and am actively involved in education and clinical research. I am a graduate of the ACEP teaching fellowship and a member of the ALLNYCEM steering committee.

I also have a background in EMS, working in a number of different systems throughout NY and continued with EM and EMS based research throughout medical school. I am a former member of the national ACEP EMS committee and have an interest in Tactical EMS.
Christopher Shields
Clerkship Director
I'm happy to be core faculty.
7 years and here, and 30 years into EM, and it's still fun to come to work... Even on the night shifts.
Andaleeb Raja
Medical Toxicologist
"I know one thing the gangsta's got.....that's Lincoln hospital." - esteemed patient

Attending. Toxicologist. Professional resident beater. Game of thrones. World traveler. East coast for life.
Alan Williams
- Raised in Montana
- Med school in Seattle
- Residency in Tucson
- EMS fellowship with FDNY
- Lincoln attending since July 2014

The big picture, physics, metaphysics, economics, philosophy, psychology, human behavior, culture as an operating system, the nature of r/Reality, consciousness, music, ancient civilizations, nutrition, health, meditation, yoga, long walks on the beach, talking about my feelings...
Marianne Sacasa de Strasberg
I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Went to THE U (University of Miami) where my interest in medicine started with an artificial heart valve while completing a Biomedical Engineering degree. I went to the Universidad Central del Caribe in Puerto Rico for medical school and completed my Emergency Medicine Residency at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health center. I am interested in medical education, and using simulation as a tool. Prior to being the Co Director of Simulation at Lincoln, I trained at NYU/Bellevue Emergency Medicine Department in Medical Simulation. I am interested in remediation in medical education and inter-professional skills.
Lee Donner
My career in Lincoln began in 2013, after a 4 year foray into the great plains of New Jersey, where I completed my residency at UMDNJ (Rutgers- Newark). I returned to New York to serve the people of the South Bronx, joining the most dedicated faculty around. Since coming on board I've developed a special interest in patient safety and good parenting and hope that the synergy between the two will reap untold benefits on emergency medicine residents for generations.
Moira McCarty
Witness and participant in the exciting world of EM education at Lincoln for 19 years. Committed to the patients of the South Bronx now and forever. Best place to work, unforgettable place to train.
Karlene Hosford
Mark Fenig
Canadian, but hold the Bacon.

Medical School: Sackler School of Medicine - Tel Aviv.
Residency: Emory University

Prior to joining Lincoln, Dr. Fenig worked as an emergency medicine attending at Einstein Medical School (Weiler), a division of the Montefiore Health System.

Dr. Fenig enjoys living on a boat and tweaking his profile bio.

Jason West
I'm a Missouri native and attended medical school at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

I trained at the Jacobi & Montefiore program in the Bronx and have continued to be committed to the idealism of improving the public health system serving the Bronx population.

I am an advocate for emergency medicine as a specialty of being experts at diagnostic testing, resuscitation of critically-ill patients, and those requiring emergency department intubation.

I am an EBEM (evidence based emergency medicine) commentator for Annals of Emergency Medicine, and I have research interests in venous thromboembolism, head trauma, headache, and predictors of success for trauma patients requiring intubation in the ED.
Douglas Fields
Yocheved Rose
Benjamin Azan
Recent addition to the Lincoln EM family. Mount Sinai EM Grad (2016).

I'm interested in Social Media, FOAMed, the application of technology in healthcare and Education.

Founded (and coded), a FOAMed database and discovery tool.

How I Work Smarter Editor at

On my off time: Rock Climbing, Slacklining and Virtual Reality, and DYI projects.

Muhammad Waseem
Director of Research
I, Muhammad Waseem, MBBS, MS, am a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician at Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center (LMMHC). Lincoln Hospital is a level I Trauma Center in the South Bronx and a member of NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation. I provide acute care to a broad spectrum of critically ill and injured children. I am also Research Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine and in that capacity I design, conduct and publish research studies.
Nicholas Caputo
Associate Chief
I'm NYC to the bone and my passion is Emergency Medicine. I grew up out on LI, spent my youth playing football and was lucky enough to play in college. I became interested in science and research which led me to do a Master's of Science program and the complete my MD. Trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine here in NYC. Stayed in the SoBro after residency to gain some attending experience in one of the busiest ERs in the U.S. before going off to Australia to complete a fellowship in Critical Care and Retrieval Medicine. Currently, I am the Associate Chief of the Department and Director of ED Critical Care and Adult Research. My research interests are in trauma, sepsis, occult shock, airway, human factors, among other cool topics.
Rich Iuorio
Co-Director of ED Critical Care
Daniel Singer
Co-Director of ED Critical Care
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (13 mile), I went to the University of Michigan for undergrad (Go Blue!) and Wayne State for medical school (Go Tartars!).

I came to NYC for residency at Mount Sinai, where I also completed an ultrasound fellowship and critical care medicine fellowship. I worked as an attending for several years at a community hospital in Newburgh, NY, and recently joined the Lincoln family.

My academic interests included sepsis, cardiac arrest and airway management.

Outside interests include Michigan football, playing basketball and eating.
Mary Ryan
Director of SART
Went to medical school at University College Dublin, Ireland.
EM residency at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Integrated Residency In Emergency Medicine.
Fellowship in Clinical Forensic Medicine, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.
EM faculty at Lincoln since 1998.
Assistant Professor in Medicine, Weill Medical College of Cornell University.
Bronx SART Site Director.

Not Pictured
Sandra Scott (Department Chair)
Rui Domingues (Assistant Program Director)
Allysia Guy (Ultrasound Director)
Thomas Parry (Simulation Director)
Hemlata Sharma (Attending)
Yemina Warshaver (Attending)
Robert Fraser (Attending)
Cristina Ho (Attending)
Algernon Cargill (Pediatric EM)
Gerard Devas (Pediatric EM)
Samuel Agyare (Pediatric EM)
Vjera Bach (Pediatric EM)
Albert Arslan
Chief Resident
Undergrad: Seton Hall University, B.S. Biology
Medical School: University at Buffalo, M.D.

Lincoln provides a unique EM experience. You get comfortable quickly, teasing out the common and uncommon. The patients are underserved, quite ill and advanced in pathology... and of course: the trauma. As one of the first and long-standing programs in NYC, Lincoln constantly reaffirms my decision of going into EM.

A little about me: I'm from the 'burbs just north of NYC. My formative years were molded in New Jersey - for that I am forever grateful. How else could I have fully appreciated Springsteen and the other classic greats? On top of music, my greatest 2 passions are pop culture and comedy (and luckily these are intertwined).
Anthony Scoccimarro
Chief Resident
Undergrad: Seton Hall University
Medical School: UMDNJ, Newark, NJ

I'm a New Jersey guy through and through. My passions include emergency medicine, Hemingway and smooth jams.
Nail Cemalovic
Chief Resident
Hi everyone,

I'm an upcoming 4th year EM resident at Lincoln Hospital. I attended Fordham University for my undergraduate education and received a BS in Biology and Theology. Subsequently, I completed medical school at St.George's University. My first year of medical school was in Newcastle, UK. After medical school, I completed a year of general surgery training in CT and subsequently changed my training into Emergency Medicine. Throughout my undergraduate and medical school training I was very active as a member and teacher in the NYC EMS system. Lincoln has taught me how to be an excellent clinician and more importantly a well rounded physician. I have the pleasure to work in one of the country's busiest Emergency Departments with some of the most dedicated and well trained faculty. However, what is most important is that the patient population we serve truly relies on our services and deserves the care we provide. All this experience would not be possible were it not for my fellow residents. My interests are critical care and EMS. Love vacation and anything related to the beach!
Craig Harrison
Medical Student Coordinator
Medical School: University of California Irvine
Undergraduate: Rice University
Masters in Public Health: California State University Long Beach

After being born and raised in California, and subsequently having lived and worked in Latin America for 2 years, the South Bronx felt like my second home. The incredible breadth of pathology and culture we find at Lincoln, merged together with incredibly high volumes of patients, has made a tremendous training ground for me and so many others during our EM residency. It's now a great honor to help lead the Medical Student clerkship during my senior year, as we help usher in the next generation of future Lincoln residents.
Carlos Rodriguez
Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Came to Lincoln and immediately loved the atmosphere and the people.

Lincoln is the ideal place to train. It will prepare you for whatever comes through the door and help build the skills and confidence needed to thrive in this field.

Interests: Sports, Travel, Binging on TV shows, Family

EM interests: Medical Education, minorities in medicine, trauma

Whats next? MedEd fellowship at Thomas Jefferson
Drew Scribner
Born, raised and educated in Minnesota (University of MN for B.S. and M.S), medical school in Kansas City, transplanted to NYC where I live in Harlem and commute to the Bronx.

Training at Lincoln is like swinging a weighted bat in the 'on deck' circle. When you actually step up to the plate after you graduate, everything else will seem lighter and easier because you have literally seen and done it all.

Other interests include my dog Yoshi, old school Nintendo, new school craft cocktails, music, festivals, traveling, and binge watching pretty much anything.
Mark Fuentes
From California and med school in Chicago. Always wanted to move to New York. One more thing off the bucket list. Next is a race in Pamplona.
Shauna Seaman
University of Colorado-Denver
University of Colorado-Anshutz SOM

I LOVE noodles. I am married to a Golden Dragon. Snowboarding is the only sporty thing I do. I am Vietnamese/American. I will request Beyonce until the DJ says "we can't play Beyonce all night long". Vanilla is truly my favorite flavor, but I'm really not that boring. I lived in Denver until moving to Manhattan to become a part of Lincoln.

...And now Lincoln is my home. 3 years so far in our ED, and I have stories to last a lifetime. It's not an easy ED to work in, but what good would it be if it were? Solid training, solid colleagues, and the confidence that after 4 years here, you are ready for anything!

Theresa Dao
Benedictine University
Medical School:
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

About me: I'm the youngest in my family with two older brothers from two very Vietnamese immigrant parents. I spent most of my life and all of my schooling in Chicago. I love playing sports, including tennis throughout high school and college, dabbled in basketball and track, and now it's mostly yoga, kickboxing, surfing, and beach volleyball. Moved to New York for residency, which I fully take advantage for its great food, culture, and fashion. If I find a week of free time on my hands I'll likely grab my passport and jet somewhere new.
What I like about Lincoln: The staff and residents is what makes our program unique. The chaos that Lincoln Hospital brings with its high patient volume, limited resources, and crazy patient pathology is manageable because we all work together as a family. It's a group of people I am excited to see when I go to work everyday.

An Nguyen
Undergrad: UC Irvine
Medical School: St. George's SOM

What I love about Lincoln has to be the people, high acuity cases and plenty of procedures to go around. Our department also has a good relationship with our Surgery colleagues, hence shared equally procedures and decision making during traumas.
Corrielle Caldwell
Born and bred Chicago. Well prepared for medicine by Bachelor of Fine Art in Theater and Film. A proud Bronx resident, former FDNY medic at Lincoln and now doctoring in the same Lincoln.
Deepak Sekaran
Undergrad: Washington University
Med School: East Carolina University

Bronx born, NC raised. I spend my free time looking for good taco spots and creeping on other peoples' dogs in the park
Elizabeth Johnson
Undergrad: University of Denver
Medical school: St. George's University
Grad (current): New York Medical College

What I like about Lincoln: the patients (as individuals and their unique stories and challenges) and the camaraderie among residents.

What I like: beach activities (surfing, snorkeling, SUP, Piña coladas), running (or the moment when a run ends), long boarding in Central Park, snowboarding (but only when the snow is good, it's not too cold, and the lift lines are short), NYC social life, traveling when I have the money, going to sporting events (except boxing-- that was boring), karaoke (I'm better than Titi), and my 2 nephews (Booker and Preston) and my niece (Charlotte).
Erin Ciummo
Originally from a very small town in Rhode Island, so naturally I was drawn to the urban, hectic nature of our ER. Now in my 3rd year, I feel I have already taken away so many valuable lessons and stories from this amazing ER. Like to kick it with my two Bullmastiff dogs and two cats on Long Island. Aspiring to have a farm one day, with lots of land and a sweet pickup truck in my name.
James Reilly
UC Davis
Boston University

Session drummer, computer geek, and Pat Benatar advocate.

Lindsay Flax
Undergrad: Siena College, BS Biology and psychology
Grad: Oregon State University, MS Microbiology
Med: St. George’s University, MD

Lincoln is a great place to train, the patients have all kinds of pathology, the trauma is high and the ED is fast, among the busiest in the country. Who doesn't want that?
The best part of LincolnEM? The people, my co-residents are a loud adventurous group full of personality and the best kind of support.

Off shift, you can find me in the park or on a beach, but nothing beats a good trip around the world.
Melissa Smith
Native Texan, originally from Dallas, lived a few places along the way and now checking out the east coast for a bit
Susan Banuelos
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Did my undergrad at UC Berkeley with a degree in Mollecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Molecular and Cell Biology and a Minor in Ethnic Studies. I went to UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine for Medical School. I am the 2nd of 4 children born to Mexican Parents. I have a dog named Lola that came with me to NY from LA.
Catherine Lott
Born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. Attended undergrad in my hometown at the University of Western Ontario where I earned my Bachelor's degree with Honours in Medical Sciences and Psychology. Went on to attend medical school at St. George's University in Grenada where I graduated summa cum laude. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, or watching any and all sports (especially Chelsea FC and the Toronto Maple Leafs and Blue Jays!). I enjoy working at Lincoln because of the diverse and under-served population we get to see in the South Bronx. Everyday is something different!
David Lewandowski
Medical School: New York Medical College
Graduate School: University at Buffalo - Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences, M.S.
Undergraduate: Binghamton University, Biological Sciences, B.A.

City boy through and through - born and raised in Queens. Former half-miler, college radio DJ, and Urban Park Ranger. Now learning EM in the busiest level 1 trauma center in NYC.

Interests: FOAM, critical care, health care utilization, indie music, New York Football Giants, Arsenal FC, Ultimate, skiing, British comedies, too much Netflix
Erez Schori
Raised in a Tel Aviv suburb, attended Hebrew university in Jerusalem, CUNY in NYC, and SGU medschool in Grenada.
My background includes jumping off military planes, experience in marketing, extensive backpacking, research molecular mechanisms in tumorigenesis, and trying to help raise my own family.
Lincoln offers exposure to a wide range of pathology, super high patient volume and incredible colleagues and faculty. All of which provide strong foundation for my future practice. Most importantly, I feel privileged for the opportunity to make a difference in our South Bronx community.
Despite having education that spanned continents, changing various careers, and having traveled a lot, I still havent decided what I want to do when I grow up.
Joey Lombardi
Undergraduate: University of Western Ontario, BMSc

Medical School: St. George's University, MD

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada

Interests: World traveling, outdoor activities, cooking, music, rugby, skiing, hiking

EM interests: Sports, Wilderness, Critical Care, Trauma

LIncoln: The best people working in the most exciting emergency room in the greatest city in the world.
Pete Stueve
I am very lucky to work in one of the busiest emergency departments in the US and am honored to care for this South Bronx community. Training at Lincoln has given me more opportunities to help and learn from critical patients than I had dreamed possible.

I grew up in the woods of Oregon and started my career in forestry and wildland fire-- then joining EMS and getting my first taste of medical training. Medicine became a calling and I changed direction and entered, medical school in South Florida.

My interests include motorcycles, mopeds, tacos, travel, food delivery, and anything in some nice sunny weather.
Sergio Veliz

Undergrad: Cornell University
Medical School: SUNY Downstate

Born and raised in New York City. Interests include reading, linguistics, and hanging out with James Reilly
Titilola Alao
Undergrad: Caldwell University in NJ
Med: SGU

Like about Lincoln: Lincoln is home for me, it is where i was born and it is the neighborhood I grew up in. Returning to do my residency here has been a blessing. My fellow residents and attendings have made this experience that much better. I love the fact that each day is different, each day is crazier than the last, that each day I am convinced I have enough material to make a movie. At Lincoln I am constantly learning and pushing myself to become better. I love knowing the training I am receiving at Lincoln is incomparable to that of anywhere else.
Cherie Obilom
I'm from Texas. 'Nuff said
Jeffrey Uribe
Undergraduate: City College of New York
Med School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Born in Queens, New York with parents of Colombian descent, wanted to be a professional soccer player, but found my passion in medicine. Had to return to NYC for my training and couldn't do it anywhere else but Lincoln where you literally see the good, the bad and the ugly. In my free time,
I love traveling, learning about different cultures through food and cuisine, playing sports and dancing.
Christina Ciraco
Undergrad: University at Albany, State University of New York
Med School: NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM)

I grew up in the suburbs just north of the Bronx and have been living in west Harlem for the past 6 years. After college I dabbled in graphic design and worked as a clinical research coordinator and EMT. I spend my free time playing volleyball, biking, hiking, traveling the world, and foraging for exotic food in NYC. I love the craziness and diversity of the city and feel so lucky to be training at Lincoln!

EM interests: International/Global Health, Sports and Disaster Medicine
Jennifer Drouet
Hey Guys! My name is Jenn. Some may know me as Jenny from the block. My family is from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens. I have 3 brothers. I attended Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at City College of NY and then graduated from SUNY Downstate. Pretty much I'm a NYC gal (Go Knicks, Giants, and Mets!). If I'm not hanging with my family or friends, I'm probably at home watching horror movies on my couch. I love listening to all different kinds of music and dancing salsa, bachata, merengue, etc. I'm an all around cheerful person, always smiling, love taking selfies and I live for a good laugh. Obviously I love EM! Lincoln is near and dear to me. I had the privilege of having Dr. Gernsheimer as my mentor, the man who started it all. I couldn't be happier at Lincoln where the diversity of the patient population and the comradery of the faculty make it one of the best places to practice EM in!
Zachary Levine
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Undergrad: Pomona College

Med School: Sackler School of Medicine

Interests: International Backpacking, Scuba Diving, Movies, Running, NBA Basketball

EM Interests: Global Health / International EM, Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology, Ultrasound
Renee Morton
Thomas O'Connell
I grew up in Ramsey, NJ. Went to undergrad at the University of Delaware (go Hens!), worked for the next few years in Sales before going to medical school at St. George's University.
Brandon O'Keefe
I was born and raised on a farm in the small college town of Oberlin, OH. I attended Cedarville University in Dayton, OH for my undergraduate training, and studied abroad in the Middle East my last two years. I then attended St. George's University SOM for medical school. Outside of the hospital I enjoy International travel; homebrewing; cooking; coffee; watching movies; hiking and running.
Adam Rodrigues
Grew up in Westchester NY and spent my formative years listening to punk music, playing in bands and riding on ambulances. Spent summers hiking in the Adirondacks. Attended undergrad at Binghamton University where I studied Anthropology and Cinema. Got my medic and worked for a year before attending medical school at St. George's University, where I spent two years in Grenada (98% library, 2% SCUBA) and two in Brooklyn. Couldn't be happier to be training in the South Bronx!
James Russell
Medical School: SGU
Undergraduate: Hamilton

I chose Lincoln for 2 reasons: The patient population and the residents/attendings. Because for me, at the end of the day, my goal is to have the skills to practice in any ER in the country. Lincoln provides that.

Other than that, the city is fine, the snow is bitter, and all the children are all above average.
Jessica Yee
Not Pictured
John Marshall (Alumni)
Jason Greenman (Alumni)
234 149th St
New York NY 10128
P: 718 579 5000
F: 718 579 5000
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